Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai (2001)

Goldie Behl
Mrs. Madhu Ramesh Behl
Aadesh Shrivastava
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Abhishek Bachan plays the role of Suraj Shrivastav, a regular man with big dreams. The story starts in Varanasi, where Suraj dreams to make it big but decides Varanasi isnít the place to do it. So he goes to Mumbai hoping the big city will help him fulfill his dreams. Already it starts to bring him luck because he meets Pooja (Rani Mukherjee) and falls in love with her, and then she starts to bring him luck as he meets his idol Naved Ali (Jackie Shroff), editor of a newspaper, who finds Suraj to be a very bhola person and takes him under his wing. Naved Ali introduces Suraj to the beautiful Lara (Sushmita Sen). Lara plays his right hand man and handles all his problems. So the story goes on as she teaches Suraj how to behave in high social classes and brings him up to standards. Soon he begins to acquire everything he dreamed of, a big mansion, cars, money, a high social life.

Through all of this, Pooja is trying to convince Suraj that the life he is leading is wrong but he isnít ready to believe it because he has finally become what he dreamed, and starts to forget her and concentrate more on Lara. But then the story takes a fold as he begins to realize that the person who he wanted to emulate, only used him to run his shady deals and Lara was part of it. He realizes the biggest consolation he did have was Poojaís love, and goes back to her.